What is reception operating hours?

Both hotel & apartment reception operates 7/24 each day of the week.

What we offer in the room?

We offer tea and coffee making facilities with a kettle (boiler) in the room and each day we replenish them. There is a safety deposit box to store your personal belongings securely. There is split air conditioning in each room. We offer hairdryer in the room and a tv with plenty channels to choose from in case needed.

How can we safely store our personel belongings in the room?

We offer safety boxes in each room and apartment.

Do you have airconditioning in the room and is it included in the room cost.

Yes, each room has been installed an individual airconditioning and it is included in the cost of the room, not extra.

Is there a pick-up service from Dalaman airport?

Yes, we arrange Dalaman airport transfers including return. Cost applies. Please contact us via email for more information. [email protected]

What are Hotel check-in and Hotel check-out hours?

Guests check in to Hotel at 14:00 hours and check-out is 12:00 hours (Noon).

Can guests have an earlier access and late check-out from the Hotel?

Yes, guests may enter Hotel provided their room is available and ready to be allocated to them anytime between 09:00- 14:00 hours with no cost.

Guests can check-out later in the day, evening and night or early hours of next day morning once they consult reception for availability and cost.

What is included in the price for accomodation?

Hotel room is based on bed&breakfast. We offer high quality wifi around the premises. Tea, coffee and sugar are offered as complimentaries both in the hotel rooms and apartments. There are hammocks spread around the gardens. We offer fresh pool towels in the morning.


Are prices based on per person or per room?

Hotel room prices are based on per person per night, whereas Apartments and Villas prices are based on per night.

Is there a restaurant or a bar at the Hotel?

Hotel offers an open buffet breakfast with English breakfast choices. Also, there is a snack bar service between 12.00pm and 5:00pm.

Yes, there is a pool bar both at the Hotel and at the Apartments. Hotel pool bar serves alcohol, efes, soft drinks and varius cocktails until late in the night. Apartment pool bar stops operating earlier in the evening.

Do you have a shuttle service to the Iztuzu beach?

Yes, we have a boat service to Iztuzu beach and we arrange per request. Please consult reception for more information.

Do you provide pool towels?

Yes, we provide fresh pool towels each morning at the pool side both at the hotel and at the apartments.

How do we pay?

You can pay via cash, cerdit card or debit card at the Hotel on arrival. When your reservation is confirmed we ask for deposit. We discuss anything related to your reservation via email.

Is there a discount for cash payments ?

No, we dont offer discount for cash payments and our prices are standard and you can choose from any of the payment methods, such as cash, credit card, debit card or transfer money to account.

Do you offer installement payment plan?

No, we do not offer any sort of installement plans.

Can there we add an extra bed in the hotel room?

Our hotel rooms are octagonal in shape and are 18m2 and extra bed narrows the room. Hotel rooms are more suitable for couples. However we have family rooms and can be defined as suits rooms with connecting doors enabling easy access for families with toddlers and children.

Can a baby cot be braught in the hotel room?

Yes, a baby cot can fit in the hotel room.

Is there a car park and do you charge ?

Yes, we have outdoor parking spaces and it is for free.

Is there a health facility near by the hotel?

Yes, there is family health clinic 10 minutes walk or 2 min ride just on the river bank before heading to the town centre.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed inside the hotel.

How much do you charge for deposit?

We ask for 10 % of total accomodation cost for deposit.

Do you accept cancellation after booking?

Yes, we accept until last 14 days.

How is the weather like in May and October?

The weather is mainly sunny and warm in the day time but night times get a bit chilly. But it is still so beautiful and fresh with flowers sprouting in the spring and leafs of trees falling off in the autumn.

Have you any safety measures in place against Corona virus?

Our top priority is the health of our guests and staff. We carefully manage Covid-19 disinfection and hygiene measurements within the premises. We concentrate on sustaining communication with our guests on all digital platforms. We adhere by the rules & regulations introduced as preventive measurements by the health ministry and toursim ministry.


We have taken all the necessary health and safety measurements and have been entitled to a Safe Tourism Certificate which is certified by an accredited organization recognized and registered by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


For Guests

Reception operates 7/24 every day of the week and when arrival, guests are guided by staff to help them with luggages to check-in their rooms.

For our guests staying in our hotel and apartments, provided they ask, we are going to hand them masks, glove, hand sanitizer and disinfectant. The special surfaces, for example, door handles, electric buttons, room key, tables and desks, furniture handles that of which are frequently in use, are going to be often cleaned, sanitized and cleaned with detergant water.

All the towels, sheets, blankets, pillowcases ae going to be washed in 60 % heat instead of 40 %.

The distance between the tables in the breakfast area and snack bar is set as 1.5-2 meters and every 2 sunbeds have 1.5 meter space between the next 2 sunbeds with parasols. However, between the same family members common space rules are not compulsory.

When guests leave the room and for the next check-in, rooms get cleaned, disinfected with appropriate methods while the room is left to be ventilied for 3 hours.

Each aircondition in each room including receptions, maintained regularly and filters sanitized and disinfected.

All items offered in the room are cleaned and disinfected before each use.

Pool area including sunbeds, tables, chairs, sunbed cushions are washed each morning with a cleaning team.

External Audit

Regular audits including tests and controls take place at the hotel premises by the accredited organization developed to focus on a Global level for a more sustainable tourism both in the country and accross the Globe. These audits take place in line with related quality standards and legal terms at regular intervals without any notice by an international accredited hygiene organization that of which we agreed.

Regular Tests and Controls

In our Hotels and Apartments and Villas, all the fields have been disinfected by an accredited company with hydrogen peroxide silver-based material and it is applied in regular basis. Additionally, our special team is on duty to continueally applies disinfection with hidrojen peroksit in regular basis within the hotel and apartments and villas.

Our practices about our employees

All the health checks of our employees are regularly in line with formal rules. Our employees join hygeine education programmes in line with the rules and advices of health ministry.

Masks can be used if found necessary especially in areas where it is closed and crowded in line with advices of health ministry and WHO (World Health Organization). Personel common use areas have disinfection units.